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basketball starz :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 25 6 :'DDDD :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 26 6 DONT FALL INTO PEAR PRESSURE :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 15 4 Tyrone Mingus :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 39 6 rip club penguin :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 38 5 DONT PET ME :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 39 17 edgy wip :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 15 1 COMMISION for BlueRosea :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 35 5 COMMISIONZ for Pizza-Sugar :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 21 5 biscuit is awesome :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 52 2 regret posting this :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 14 5 choccy milk :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 40 6 COMMISSIONZ for Codjo313 :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 19 3 catch me outside (commissionz) :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 26 4 bj sandwich :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 19 1 space girl :iconcookiedekitty:CookiedeKitty 20 3



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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
hay im cookiepawz i made the cute cartoony draws :3 i also animate on youtube also im 13 :'P
{ Divider } - Bouncy Christmas Pudding by Hardrockangel { Divider } - Bouncy Christmas Pudding by Hardrockangel { Divider } - Bouncy Christmas Pudding by Hardrockangel


HFIFJGDSH so at middle school today someone smoked in the girls bathroom and it set on fire XD so we went outside for like over 30 minutes like it was crazy people were sitting on the bleachers and hanging out and everyone was tryin to figure out what was going on but in the end i missed most of math and thats all that matters :'D happy 4/20

ive never done a journal meme before but im bored xP (prepare for cringe ecks dee)

Answer these questions honestly to see how you’ve developed over a few years!
FEEL FREE TO STEAL THIS MEME! That's why I made it. c: 

First questions are over age 10-14! (10-11 for me)


What name did you go by?: Katystar1 or Katy :'))

Gender Identification?: girl

Sexuality?: straight

What was your Fursona (give us a picture!)?:
Old Katy by CookiedeKitty Katy Ref by CookiedeKitty

Hobbies?: video games, drawing, reading warriors, playing minecraft, being pure cringe

Personality?: uhh shy and sometimes annoying 

Favorite food?: those cheap chicken flavored ramen noodles :'))))

Who was your best friend?: joy (i miss her. I still see her around and are friends i guess but we arent as close anymore cause were never in the same classes)

What did you usually wear?: uhm nothing special except for my minnie mouse hoodie i guess

Did you have any pets? If so, what were they?: 6 goldfish that all ran away :'DD and lily the hermit crab that also ran away :'DD (end me)

Did you have a DeviantArt?: yeah but i never really posted lol


If so…

Did you draw?: nah 

What did your art look like (another picture!)?: have pictures from youtube lol
Lps Dog by CookiedeKitty

How many watchers did you have?: literally none lmao

If not…

Why didn’t you?:

When did you first make your DeviantArt?: January 2014


Any other interesting info on yourself back then?:
i was a desperate loser who couldnt draw but put somewhat effort into animations :^)


Next questions are over age 15-17+! (12-13 for me)


What name do you go by?: cookie lol

Gender Identification?: probably girl? (irl atleast)

Sexuality?: i dont really care much

What’s your Fursona (give us a picture!)?:
Ddddd by CookiedeKitty

i actually hate my oc lol

Hobbies?: drawing, playing roblox, watching tv and youtube, etc

Personality?: um nice, shy and sometimes weird and annoying :')) and still cringe but slighly less

Favorite food?: french fries and fried chicken xddddddddddd

Who’s your best friend?: (in real life) lily also iciz ;)))))))))))) pls dont tell me your reading right now ill kms this is cringe

What do you usually wear?: i love my jacket and stuff in black but serioulys you can see me in long pants and jacket in summer x3

Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?:  i wish like my parents hate pets and dont let me have anything higher maintenance than fish. yall with dogs/cats are lucky. also i recently had 3 fish september 2016- february 2017 

Any other interesting info on yourself now?: uhm i spend too much time on the internet and uh yeah




How much have you changed between these years?: alot!! like i can animate and draw better and neatly though im still have no self esteem :'))) 

Are you happy with the changes?: prettymuch c;
Is there anything you wish you could go back to and change?: not really

Which part of your life did you like more; old or new?: NEW ftw

Was this meme interesting (>:3c)?: yeah :33 my furst journal meemee

TAG SOME PEOPLE!: i have not deviantart friends :')) but uh these peeps do them <33 LavenderFlufff SuperPlushBrosFilms yumzii 




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